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Just In: Ghana Police Service Tops Bribery Chart – TV3 Finally Confirmed.

Bribery and corruption is one of our countries’ social maladies. The objective of Ghanaians is to see to it that bribery issues are eradicated from the system. Many individuals have alleged that Ghana Police officers collect money from Ghanaians, particularly on the roadside.

This has become a major issue for Ghanaians, and they are searching for solutions. When police officers arrest offenders for violating the rules and regulations controlling road safety protocols, they are more concerned with extracting money from offenders than sending them to the police station to be dealt with according to the law.

According to a newly disclosed and validated statistic by TV3, the Ghana Police Service ranks first in bribes. The officials of the Ghana Police Service should use this chart as a starting point for implementing initiatives to improve their reputation as a security organization.

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