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JUST IN: NDC Executive arrested | Details

Alhaji Rufai Vielim, the 1st Vice Chairman of the Northern Region for the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), was arrested by police in Tamale.

His arrest is related to a Tuesday, August 23 assault on the regional headquarters of the party by some enraged youths.

It was stated that he influenced the youngsters to besiege the office, resulting in the destruction of party property amidst gunfire, which led to his detention. Alhaj Rufai Vielim reportedly protested to the Regional Executive Committee of the NDC’s decision to endorse Mr. Ali Adolf as acting regional chairman.

The enraged youth’s behavior, which was captured on film, was a protest against the party leadership’s decision to designate Ali Adolf as the acting regional chairman following the death of the regional chairman, Alhaji Ibrahim Mobila.

The appointment of Ali Adolf as the acting regional chairman of the ND, according to the youth, is an attempt by the regional leaders to push Alhaji Rufai Vellim into the background.


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