Kevin Taylor Challenges All Journalists In Ghana. (Read More)


Kevin Taylor, the host of With All Due Respect, issued an enormous challenge to all journalists in the country.

During his discussion of the show’s main theme, Kevin Taylor disclosed that one of his fans had emailed him to say that he is constantly online to keep the leaders on their toes since he has no money and wants some. He then disclosed that he is the wealthiest journalist in Ghana and that he is able to pay approximately 99 percent of the country’s journalists. Kevin disclosed that no journalist in Ghana earns $10 per hour and that he can pay them that amount, indicating that he is not poor.

“I merely asked the person a simple inquiry, but how many Ghanaian journalists are wealthier than I am? Nobody in the country earns even $10 per hour, yet I can pay around 99 percent of them that amount, so why do you think I’m poor? I reiterate, no journalist in the United States is paid $10 per hour. I am challenging everyone to come out tomorrow if they believe they can take that amount. I am simply doing all I can to assist this country, and it has nothing to do with money.” Kevin Taylor revealed this frankly on air.

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