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I Don’t Care If You Want To Become Our Next President; Just Come To Ghana And Perform Your Duties

Kevin Taylor, the host of the show “With All Due Respect” on Loud Silence TV, recently delivered a stern warning to a well-known member of parliament who has neglected his responsibilities in the House of Commons in favor of attending a number of press conferences in the United States.

In a recent post on Facebook, Kevin Taylor made it quite apparent to the Member of Parliament, Honorable Kennedy Agyapong, that he should come to Ghana and carry out the parliamentary tasks that are assigned to him there. He went on to say that he doesn’t give a damn about Kennedy Agyapong’s intentions about the presidency of Ghana or whether or not he wants the job. He boldly communicated to parliament his intention to take action against Kennedy Agyapong for his repeated absences from the House of Representatives. He went on to say that Kennedy Agyapong is already in trouble with the parliamentary Disciplinary committee.

He went on to say that despite this, Kennedy Agyapong and Adwoa Sarfo have both failed to show up in Parliament for the twelfth time during this particular sitting. He said that this is the case for both of them.

Kevin Taylor believes that Kennedy Agyapong will never be able to attain the office of president if he continues to avoid appearing in parliament.

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