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Legendary actor Kofi Adjorlolo to marry Shatta Wale’s mother.

Kofi Adjorlolo, the famed Ghanaian actor, has met the love of his life and is ready to tie the knot again after two failed marriages, according to this source.

Fans of the iconic actor can expect to witness him make his way down the steps of the gangway. That the woman who’s sparked such passion in the great actor is none other than Shatta Mama, the mother of renowned dancehall performer Shatta Wale.

Kofi Adjorlolo and Shatta Mama, the love of his life, have revealed to that they are engaged and will shortly announce the date of their wedding.

They’re both in their 60s, the iconic actor and Shatta Mama. He has been in over 100 Ghanaian and Nigerian films and has two children, but his wife-to-be, a 49-year-old woman named Charity Nyarko, tragically died in 2011.

For almost a decade, Shatta Mama has been divorced from Shatta Wale’s father, Shatta Capo, and is also the mother of three children.

Shatta Wale’s two children have already granted him permission to marry another woman, but the issue would want to ask is whether or not his mother will also give the go-ahead because they’re currently not on good terms with one other.W

Source: Hotfmghana

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