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Let It Roll With This Easy, Versatile Spring Roll Formula

Easily customizable, spring rolls are a refreshing healthy snack or starter. We’ll give you a base formula for spring rolls and three versions to try. Each version layers lean proteins, fiber-rich veggies, flavorful sauces, and fresh herbs for no more than 180 calories per roll.

Get the recipe for Easy Spring Rolls

Makes 4 spring rolls


4 (8-ounce) round rice paper wrappers

¾ cup cooked rice vermicelli noodles

4 ounces protein

1 cup thinly sliced vegetables

¼ cup chopped fresh herbs

2 tablespoons sauce


Fill a 9-inch pie plate with warm water; dip 1 rice paper into the water. Transfer to a work surface and let stand for a few seconds to soften.

Snip cooked rice noodles. Arrange 3 tablespoons noodles across the lower third of the softened rice paper. Top with 1 ounce protein, ¼ cup vegetables, 1 tablespoon herbs, and ½ tablespoon sauce. Fold and lightly press bottom edge of rice paper over filling, tucking it underneath as you roll away from you. Fold in sides and continue to roll up tightly. Repeat with remaining ingredients.

Version 1: Tzatziki, Chicken, and Cucumber

Cooked chicken, shredded + thinly sliced English cucumber + fresh mint leaves + tzatziki sauce

Version 2: Chimichurri Steak and Bell Pepper

Grilled steak, thinly sliced + thinly sliced red bell pepper + fresh cilantro leaves + chimichurri sauce

Version 3: Peanutty Shrimp and Cabbage

Peeled, cooked shrimp, halved lengthwise + shredded green cabbage + fresh Thai basil leaves + peanut sauce

This article originally appeared in the April/May 2021 issue of Allrecipes Magazine.

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