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Man and wife in love for over 90 years share romantic story.

A man and his wife, who have been in love for more than ninety years, have told their remarkable love story of how they have endured the test of time. As their parents are friends, Damien, 106, and Anastasia, 102, have had a sweet spot for each other since they were children. However, due to cultural norms in their African tribe, they were both betrothed to different people, putting an abrupt stop to their youthful passion.

Despite this, after years of an arranged marriage, their paths crossed again, and they reignited their love. Damien said to Afrimax TV that he proposed they move in together, and since then, they have lived happily ever after.

The elderly couple has eight offspring between them, some from prior marriages. Anastasis said that she does not take their love for granted and that they continue to have nice conversations despite their advanced age.

During the interview, she regularly planted lovely kisses on her husband’s cheeks; she stated that this is also a contributing reason to their nearly century-long love.

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