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Man Ends Relationship With His Girlfriend For Watching His Mother Sweep While She Relaxes

Chinedu Ihekwoaba, a Nigerian man on Twitter, has sparked controversy by revealing the petty reason he broke up with his fiancée.

Chinedu, who questioned how young women are raised in contemporary culture, stated that his relationship with his girlfriend ended after he observed her watching his mother sweep without offering to help.
The young woman apparently paid a visit to her boyfriend at his residence, when she observed his mother sweeping. Instead of assisting with the duty, she sat and watched the elderly woman perform it.

The young man was outraged and ended their relationship as a result.
Chinedu described the incident on Twitter as follows:

“When she visited my house, I knew I was done with this girl. My mother was sweeping the living room when this girl lifted her legs so that she could sweep under them. When the mother was finished, she pointed to the door; exit my home! Who raised all of these young ladies?

However, his revelation generated a number of responses on the microblogging platform. Observe some responses

“Then, if the girl did not arrive, would your mother continue sweeping, and are you also allergic to sweeping? Why didn’t you gather the broom and clean the floor before the girl arrived? The fact that she did not accomplish it does not indicate that she was not properly raised. Not everyone enjoys eye treatment.”

@mobest7, “You were at home and observed your mother sweeping without taking the broom from her. Your mother was quick to caution another child (a visitor) but not you. If she had properly raised you, she would not expect another child to collect a broom from her.

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