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Man Revealed What Happened After He Travelled To Dubai 4 Years Ago

A 46-year-old guy named Kwaku Samuel discusses his experience in Dubai four years ago in an interview. According to the man’s narratives, he traveled to Dubai many years ago, where he slept on the streets for months before securing a respectable job, earning a lot of money, and being able to rent a place.

He accumulated a substantial amount of money and invested it in a firm, which failed after a few months. One day, he leaves his job and reluctantly takes his allowances. He also made preparations and returned to Ghana without bringing anything. Samuel expressed sorrow for returning to Ghana as soon as he arrived at Kotoka International Airport.

He tried again to return to Dubai, but his attempts were unsuccessful. Except for his wife, he received no assistance from his family members during his ordeal. Several months ago, he was unable to sleep due to a strong discomfort in one of her hands. He was referred to a clergyman, who informed him that his problem is spiritual in nature. The priest informed him that his mother was responsible for all of his issues.

Samuel stated that he even fought with his mother, however he persisted to tackle life’s obstacles. He proceeded to a second pastor, who confirmed that his daughter is likewise possessed, adding that his daughter inherited the witchcraft from his mother. The pastor prayed for the woman’s daughter and also sought a sum of money from them, but he was still experiencing several life challenges.

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