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Man Stunned After Seeing “Someone’s Hand” In The Fufu He Bought At A Local Chop Bar

A man named Nurudeen ignited the internet and threw social media users into a state of astonishment when he posted a photo of the food he was eating in which he discovered a piece of beef that resembled a human hand. The post has generated numerous online comments. The man published this bizarre and humorous experience on his social media account in an attempt to get explanations.

This individual mentioned in his article that he observed a hand in the fufu he ordered at a neighboring slash bar. The photograph appears pretty scary because it contains all five human fingers. The message reads:

I went to this chop bar in the eastern area for some loaded fufu and bush meat to end the day’s quest, and this is what I received. Can you image all of this for the sake of bushmeat? The meat tasted strange until I discovered fingers in my soup. “By that time, the fufu had ended.”

Some social media users believe it is a different creature, such as a bush animal, rather than a human, while others were astonished and amazed to see the post.

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