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Manasseh Azure Descends On Adwoa Sarfo.

The protracted absence of Sarah Adwoa Sarfo, a member of parliament, from parliamentary meetings has become one of the most discussed topics on television news programs in Ghana.

According to a report from the legislature, she and two other legislators have been invited to meet with the privileges committee. Kennedy Agyapong, who is a member, made it possible for the committee to convene yesterday for questioning. Adwoa Sarfo did not appear before the committee, and she has provided an explanation for her absence.

Manasseh Azure, a prominent journalist, has also commented on Adwoa Sarfo’s absence from the parliamentary meeting. According to Manasseh, despite her absence, she will continue to earn her salary and will be compensated ex gratia, but she will not be assaulted like Togbe Afede was. According to his argument, her pay should not be paid for the months she was missing from parliamentary meetings without providing an explanation.

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