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Manasseh Azure Details How Gabby Otchere Darko ‘Lied’ On A Big Media Station

IMF bailout talks have increased as it emerged that Ghana will be seeking an IMF rescue after all Months prior to this government’s taking office, they had rejected and repudiated all suggestions that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) was Ghana’s future. The country’s economy is clearly in trouble and requires rapid attention.

When Gabby Otchere Darko and Felix Ofosu Kwakye appeared on Joy News’ Saturday political program over the weekend to discuss Ghana’s IMF future, they clashed and disagreed on whether or not the country should remain in the IMF. JDM departed office with 10.6 billion cedis in the bank for loan repayments, says Felix. Despite Gabby’s claim, Gabby responded that the amount was actually 18 billion cedis instead.
Both Gabby and Felix erred, according to Manasseh Azure’s The Fourth Estate fact check, with Gabby’s assertion deemed completely false while Felix was found to be misleading. During Ofori Atta’s 2017 mid-year budget reading, it was mentioned that by 2016, the amount had climbed to 11.5 billion, compared to Felix’s assertion. Felix either didn’t know or deliberately misled Ghanaians about the exact figures. Gabby’s defense, it turns out, was absolutely incorrect. Gabby’s rebuttals to John Mahama’s government while defending his own were interesting. No mention of his 18 billion was made in the 2016 or 2017 mid-year budgets by the Fourth Estate, according to the media. Gabriel put up an impressive fight on set, however it has since been shown that his defense was unfounded.

Gabby’s statement that the NDC spent 18 billion on loans was not supported by any facts, according to the Fourth Estate. It’s no secret that Gabby has been a staunch defender of the federal government. In fact, he appears to be the genuine minister of information, exposing government ideas before they are ever discussed.

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