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Meet Hendrick Chebanga an artist with amazing talent

Hendrick Chebanga is an African artist who builds incredible toys from discarded materials. He designs anything with or without wheels, so long as he gets the necessary materials. The inventive man creates his works of art from discarded materials.

Hendrick Chebanga is an African artist who creates his toys using discarded materials. He is an inspiration to many people throughout the world because he has no sponsors or financial support.
Due to his shortage of funds, he was compelled to seek out different ways to earn money. To make his truck toys, he gathered old tires, cables, and other supplies.

Hendrick wishes for people to have a greater appreciation for African art and culture; he believes that his artwork will inspire others to do the same. When he was 8 years old, he began crafting his own masterpieces out of leftover items. He is passionate in art and enjoys making his own toys.

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