Meet Jaya Kelly, R Kelly’s Transgender Daughter


Jaya Kelly (genuine name: Jaah Kelly, previously Jay Kelly; born: 2000; age: 23 years of age) is an impending American artist and lyricist who is popular as the girl of R Kelly, the incredible R&B vocalist and shamed sex wrongdoer. Jaya Kelly was born a natural female and understood that she needed to progress to male as a kid. She sought after the cycle in her adolescents yet later dropped it through and through. By and by, Jaya Kelly no longer intends to progress to male and uses the she/her pronouns. She recognizes as a lesbian and is liquid about her orientation.

Jaya Kelly is One of Three Youngsters Born to R Kelly and Ex Andrea While it is difficult to sort out Jaya Kelly’s careful date of birth, it is realized that she was born in the year 2000 implying that she is 23 years of age. Her identity is African American while her ethnicity is American.

Her place of birth isn’t precisely clear yet she experienced childhood in spots like Illinois, California, and Atlanta because of the idea of her folks’ vocation.

Talking about guardians, Jaya Kelly’s father is the well known or notorious R Kelly. He is one of the best R&B vocalists ever and has sold 75 million records over his vocation.

He has numerous hit melodies and grants to his name. R Kelly has been hounded by a few claims of assault and sexual maltreatment and is currently serving long prison terms.

Jaya Kelly’s mom is R Kelly’s ex named Andrea Kelly. Andrea is a Chicago local and is an expert artist and choreographer. She supported up R Kelly for a long time.

She is likewise a media character and has showed up as herself on a few Television programs, television series and, surprisingly, a small bunch of motion pictures.

She Has Two Kin, Including a Senior Sister Named Joann Jaya Kelly’s folks got to know one another because of their common contribution in the music business.

Andrea filled in as a reinforcement artist for R Kelly for quite a while and they later went past companions to become sweethearts.

They further took their sentiment to a higher level by securing the bunch in 1996. Andrea was 22 years of age while her husband to be was 29.

The couple’s marriage went on for 10 years however it was laden with claims of physical and psychological mistreatment. They recorded legal documents and it was concluded in 2009.

The marriage, by the by, created a sum of three kids, two of whom are Jaya’s kin. The first is a senior sister named Joann who was born in 1998 which makes her two years more seasoned than Jaya. There is likewise Robert Jr. who is two years more youthful than Jaya having been born in the year 2002.

Jaya’s brother avoids the spotlight yet her sister is immovably in it. She is a vocalist under the stage named Buku Abi.

Jaya Kelly Was Born an Organic Female Yet Emerged as a Trans Male at 14 years old Jaya Kelly was born a natural female yet as soon as the age of 6 or 7, she understood that she was a kid or intended to be a kid and begun utilizing the he/him pronouns. She additionally began dressing in like manner and pick the name Jay Kelly.

When that she was 14, a mysterious individual out properly inquired as to whether she was Trans online to which she answered in the positive.


— Paper Magazine (@papermagazine) June 27, 2019

R Kelly’s center kid uncovered that she accepts that she is a kid and that she realize that she was Trans as soon as 6 or 7. She likewise expressed that she had started wearing a fastener on her chest and needed to get a medical procedure. She additionally uncovered her arrangements to take meds and chemicals to help her be what her identity “should be”.

She Communicated Her Craving to Go through A medical procedure However Later Deserted It Progressing is characterized as the cycle by which a singular starts to live as an individual from another orientation and incorporates changes to authoritative records, orientation affirmation medical procedure, modifications to actual appearance, name and pronoun changes, and chemical substitution treatment, among others.

Jaya Kelly initiated her pronoun changes when she was around 6 or 7 years of age and accordingly we can say she started progressing around the age of 7.

She went to pride occasions. She likewise wore a chest folio and wearing abnormal male garments. Jaya Kelly additionally communicated her craving to go through a medical procedure at 14 years old yet this plan never emerged as she canceled it. In the mean time, emerging as Trans was certainly not a stroll in the park for her as she endured wretchedness and needed to spend around three weeks in a mental clinic following her public emerging.

Jaya Kelly Currently Distinguishes as a Lesbian and Uses the She/Her Pronouns Jaya Kelly never went through a medical procedure to change her relegated orientation.

This move was roused by some acknowledgment that she came to. She uncovered in a 2019 meeting that while growing up, she understood that she preferred young ladies and felt that the main way she could be with one more young lady was to change to a kid. She, nonetheless, understood that this didn’t need to be the situation as she became older thus chosen to quit progressing.

Jaya Kelly has dropped the name Jay Kelly. She presently goes by the she and her pronouns. She likewise distinguishes as a lesbian.

She would rather not put a mark on her orientation yet is liquid about it, permitting individuals to reach whatever resolutions that they might wish.

A few distributions actually allude to Jaya as R Kelly’s child as of late yet this is mixed up as she doesn’t distinguish as trans male any longer.

Jaya Kelly’s Mother Upheld Her Yet Her Father Was Allegedly Disappointed At the point when Jaya Kelly at first emerged as Trans in 2014, a few sensationalist newspapers guaranteed that her family had dismissed her, which was bogus. Jaya got love and backing from her mother and kin. Her mother explicitly told her that she would continuously cherish her whether she was gay, bi, or lesbian. Her sister additionally joined her in going to pride occasions. Jaya’s family additionally involved her ideal pronouns in tending to her.

The main slight hiccup was Jaya Kelly’s well known father. The vocalist excused her progress as only a newspaper gossip. This would have without a doubt impacted their relationship however the last blow has been managed by R Kelly’s criminal preliminary. Jaya and her kin have become alienated from their father given every one of the dreadful charges against him.

Jaya Kelly is a Hopeful Vocalist and Rapper Jaya Kelly is by and by 23 years of age now. This implies that she might have finished school assuming she in the end pick that course. Back in 2019, she communicated a craving to sign up for the music recording expressions programs at advanced education organizations like Full Sail College. It isn’t known whether she finished the plans.

Concerning her current occupation, Jaya Kelly is a forthcoming vocalist, rapper, maker and musician. Her kind rides both hip jump and R and B and her vocal style has been contrasted with any semblance of Missy Elliot and Fate Kid. She has dropped a few tracks on the web and goes by the stage name Jaahbaby. The vast majority of the tracks that Jaya has delivered date back to 2021.

She hasn’t delivered music as of late. She additionally isn’t accessible via virtual entertainment which makes it hard to check what she is doing.

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