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Meet the Lady with the Largest Mouth in the world. See Photos

Samantha Ramsdell, age 31, has developed a sizable following on TikTok, where she claims she is continuously pushed and inspired to demonstrate her tongue and eating skills. She can fit a huge order of fries and practically an entire green apple in her mouth.

“I never believed it would be possible for my mouth to make me this famous, but it’s fantastic,” she told Guinness World Records after receiving the title of world’s largest mouth gape (female).
According to Guinness, Ramsdell’s mouth measures a huge 6.52 centimeters (2.56 inches). It is 10 cm wide when measured across (4 inches).

Growing up, Ramsdell was teased for having a loud voice, but her current position allowed her to embrace something that previously made her feel inadequate. “Being 31 and being able to set a record for something I was so insecure about, something I wanted to keep little, is fantastic because it’s now one of the greatest and best things about me,” she told Guinness.

She now refers to her lips as her “superpower” because it distinguishes her from everyone else and makes her unique.

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