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Meet the ‘Viral’ Akwaaba photo girl.

In the history of Ghanaian modeling, Angelina Nana Akua Oduro’s omnipresent photo, “Akwaaba,” has captivated the hearts of countless Ghanaians worldwide. At home, in some offices, at gatherings, it goes on and on- the Akwaaba photo is almost ubiquitous in Ghana. In the Akan dialect, “Akwaaba” means Welcome.

Angelina Nana Akua Oduro was a Ghanaian model in the 1990s whose photograph ‘Akwaaba’ has become a symbol of Ghana’s international hospitality.

The photograph was taken in 1993 and continues to appear on calendars, posters, hotels, and in the residences of notable Ghanaians, such as presidents.

Angelina Akua Nana Oduro, arguably the most popular model in Ghana, became a household name more than two decades ago, appearing on calendars, posters, hotels, and in the houses of important Ghanaians, including presidents.

Angelina Jolie is seen in the classic image, which is widely recognized as a symbol of Ghana’s hospitality, wearing a Ghana Kente and smiling while carrying a calabash.

Since she first stood for the camera, Angelina Akua Nana Oduro’s photograph, which is also considered one of the country’s most famous images, has been widely disseminated.

Angelina’s image was included on the cover of certain exercise books at some time throughout the 20-year span, which further entrenched her image in the brains of some schoolchildren.

By virtue of how widely her iconic portrait has been utilized and continues to be featured on most media, the popular Ghanaian former model is undoubtedly the country’s most popular model of all time.

Angelina Oduro got her position at a major national event with minimal work after over two decades of posing for the camera with little hope of becoming a nationally recognized celebrity.

Her portrait did the magic, making her the face that welcomes people into the country during national events, including some of the most influential people in the world.

Angelina disclosed in an interview that she took the photo in 1993 while she was still a teenager and had no idea that it would become a national treasure.

Her photograph continues to be utilized and has crossed international boundaries since she is such a valuable asset.

The “akwaaba” image is well-known among Ghanaians because it represents the innate attribute of Ghanaians in relation to hospitality towards visitors. A portrait that will surely go down in history as the most popular modeling in Ghana. The image depicts Nana Akua wearing a Ghana Kente and clutching a calabash while smiling brightly.

View the stunning photographs of the portrait;

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