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Meet the woman with the longest fingernails 12-Inch-Long, growing for 30 Years

Cordelia “Dee Dee” Adams, a nail technician from Gary, Indiana, has grown her fingernails to a length of almost 12 inches over the past three decades.

The nails of Cordelia Adams, age 59, are extremely remarkable. In addition to being coated in acrylic overlays with varied artistic designs, they are all longer than 12 inches.

She began growing them in 1989, when she began working as a nail technician, and has taught herself to conduct a variety of daily duties that require her hands without damaging her beloved babies. As you can expect, Adams receives a great deal of attention because of her abnormally long fingernails, but she actually enjoys this the most.

“The best thing about having extremely long fingernails is the attention,” Cordelia said Truly, adding that the worst thing about her fingernails is the nasty questions people sometimes ask her, such as how she eats or how she maintains them.
The Indiana native asserts that after 30 years of growing out her fingernails, she has learned to conduct virtually all everyday activities without harming her keratinous gems. She has learnt how to write and drive securely, as well as how to handle objects without her nails interfering.

“The nails fold back over my arm, so that when I’m holding something they are entirely out of the way. Adams stated, “I don’t approach anything tiptoe.”

Although she can do most things normally, she must adapt in order to perform certain fundamental tasks, such as using her knuckles to scroll on her smartphone or do the laundry.
However, she does not anticipate giving up her long nails simply because it would make her life easier.

Unbelievably, the expert nail technician has been able to keep her fingernail art in such superb shape that some of her designs have lasted up to five years without chipping or fading.

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