The deceased individual, known by the name Sertonam, who had been killed by Police in the town of Akstsi in the Volta Region was buried by friends and family members at the town in which he had been raised.

It is suspected that members of the police force were responsible for Sertonam’s death due to his participation in the struggle against police brutality in the region.

Approximately three days ago, the deceased person is said to have been beaten to death by police personnel, according to reports that have not been validated by #FixGhana.

The police, in contrast, issued a statement in which they refuted the rumors that the young man had been killed.

Fix Ghana advocates, on the other hand, have claimed that he was a victim of police brutality, and they are about to launch on a series of actions to bring the general public’s attention to this fact.

He was laid to rest in the town of Akstsi, which was also his birthplace.

Source: OperaNews

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