Mermaid “Maame Water” Captured on Camera. [Watch Video]


A well-known Ghanaian writer and blogger by the name of Albert Nat Hyde, who is also known on social media as Bongo Ideas, recently uploaded a cryptic video to Instagram, which has caused a stir on the internet.

A female aquatic creature that looks to have the characteristics of a mermaid (also known as maame water) was observed seated on a rock beneath a bridge in the footage. Due to the fact that the video was filmed from a considerable distance, the creature’s distinctive characteristics could not be seen in any detail.

However, just a few seconds after the creature was discovered, it swiftly slipped into some of the cracks and fissures that the granite had formed in order to hide its true form.
The validity of the video cannot be verified at this time in its entirety; nevertheless, a link to the video itself may be seen below. Captured on Camera: the Mermaid Known as “Maame Water” [Watch the Video]

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