My daughter was suspicious of her encounter with her dad – Mother of girl saved by Herbalist


The mother of an 11-year-old girl whose father allegedly gave her in a money-related ceremony has broken her silence on the topic.
The mother, Evelyn Kemeh, disclosed that her daughter had intimated that her father would use her for money rituals.

In an interview with GTV, she stated that her daughter joked that her father, Evans Kyekyeku Oppong, may sacrifice her for cash after he made an out-of-the-ordinary phone call requesting permission to remove the child from school.

“Last Tuesday, the father called to say that his friend was flying abroad and that he wanted to collect the girl’s measurements so that a dress could be created for her and delivered to her. Consequently, he would pursue the schoolgirl. My daughter joked that the request suggested she would be used for money rituals when I informed her about it.

Evelyn Kemeh made the announcement after a video with the voice of a person thought to be a herbalist accusing Mr. Oppong of plotting to kill her child for money rituals appeared on social media on Friday.
“Everything appeared suspect. Some acquaintances warned me against allowing my daughter to meet the father. When I informed him that it was not possible, he proposed an alternative. This time, he suggested I introduce my kid to her sibling, which I did.

“I instructed my daughter not to consume anything provided to her or remove her clothing when she arrives at the location. “Later in the day, I received a phone call from the police instructing me to bring my daughter to the Oyibi police station, as her father had been arrested for attempting to exploit her in money rituals,” she added.
The father has been transferred to the Criminal Investigations Division at police headquarters for further investigation and prosecution.
Nana Adu-Boafo, a herbalist in Oyibi, Greater Accra Region, was responsible for Mr. Oppong’s detention.

The herbalist, who posted a video of the arrest online, stated, “The girl’s father came to visit me; he informed me that he recently returned to the nation after a lengthy period abroad, and it has not been easy for him.”

“He informed me that he is the father of twelve children and is offering two of them for money rituals. He offered me GH10,000 and other pleasant surprises upon completion of the job.”

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