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My Husband Left Me Because of Akufo-Addo- Market Woman.[Video]

A Ghanaian market woman has provided a tragic account of her life in which she describes how her husband left her because of the poverty they are through. The plainly enraged woman asserted that her husband has been absent for four years as a result of the great misery caused by the government led by Nana Akufo-Addo.

In a conversation with a media correspondent, the widow blamed Nana Addo for her husband’s unceremonious departure. She said that the husband worked as a driver but was unable to pay the car owner owing to the high cost of gasoline and other stuff, so the car was repossessed and he was fired.

She described how they had lived peacefully with their children, but now lives with them alone. She requested that Nana Addo resign if he cannot rule the country effectively. She supported her comments by stating that the situation in this country has been deteriorating daily.

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