Nichole Cloutier and Mack Varnum: Kidnappers arrested after duct tape-bound woman drives off with their truck


ST JOHNSBURY, VERMONT: A lady in Vermont got away from her hijackers after she drove off their vehicle with her mind still integrated and her head limited by pipe tape.

The episode occurred on Thursday, February 23. Specialists on call who hurried to Sound Road in St Johnsbury found the lady at around 11.30 pm in a vehicle with a sack taped to her head to cover her face and her options limited together, as per Vermont State Police.

The lady, whose character has not been unveiled, was liberated from the truck and taken to the clinic. She was seized from the side of a street in Peacham, according to her assertion given to the police, revealed New York Post.

Who are Nichole Cloutier and Mack Varnum? The unidentified casualty supposedly had a debate with the criminal Mack Varnum, 45, with whom she had been living. The question occurred after the casualty acquired Varnum’s truck to purchase drugs. The man and Nichole Cloutier, 36, his female accomplice, needed to effectively get the casualty after she left the home following the debate.

Mack Varnum, 45, and Nichole Cloutier, 36, both of Peacham, are accused of abducting the woman and binding her with duct tape. Authorities allege Varnum threatened to kill her because he was mad she had sold his AR-15 rifle to a drug dealer.

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As per the public statement, while the criminals drove her around neighboring Danville and Peacham, she was “effectively limited and bound.” The police said, “At one point the casualty was abandoned in the truck, empowering her to split free to the point of heading out in the truck and break. The casualty then drove herself to Cove Road in St Johnsbury Town.”

What are the charges against the hijackers? On Friday, February 24, police captured Varnum and Cloutier from the previous’ home in Peacham. On Monday, February 27, Cloutier argued not liable to charges of unlawful limitation, abducting, and exasperated attack, according to WCAX.

Varnum is booked for arraignment over charges of endeavored first-degree murder, unlawful limitation, abducting, and exasperated homegrown attack on Tuesday, February 28. Starting around the morning before his arraignment, both he and Cloutier are being held in authority without bail.

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