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Nogokpo Shrine Turns Their Anger On Afia Schwar.

The table looks to have automatically turned against Afia Schwarzenegger, who wanted the Nogokpo Shrine to strike her foes. She is becoming increasingly frightened as the Shrine has turned their ire on her.

The fury erupting from the Nogokpo Shrine was a result of their customer Afia Schwarznnegar posting videos and photographs of the Nogokpo Shrine on social media to establish that she had visited.
Togbui Amuzu Agbodzalu William, chief priest of the Nogokpo Shrine, revealed to the media that the gods are displeased with Afia Schwarznnegar for her absurd release of their photographs. He stated that what Afia Schwarzenegger done was a terrifying assault on her spirit.

Moreover, he disclosed that the Nogokpo Shrine is a deity with no social media turmoil. Therefore, they conduct serious business devoid of enjoyment.

Afia Schwarzenegger has swiftly erased all Shrine videos and images after the revelations. The issue today is that many individuals have already downloaded them. Despite her deletion, there are those actively uploading online.

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