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2024 OpenAI Residency Programme for Researchers (Paid Positions)

OpenAI Residency Program is a start-up incubator that aims to support and boost innovation and entrepreneurship among university-based start-ups in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

OpenAI delivers a call to the talented minds in the field of AI and machine learning to form part of its residency program. This is an initiative to spark the transformation of the AI and machine learning fields.

Purpose and Overview

The program is designed to fill the knowledge gap and thus, to ease the transition of outstanding researchers and engineers into the active area of AI and machine learning.

Unique Opportunity

Encompassing over a six-month residency program, the Residency Program is where thematic areas are clearly defined as part of a Data Science and/or Al project essentially that facilitates the new and young academics’ easiness in finding their feet in AI.

Pioneering Initiative

The Residency Program is an accolade project conceived to attach academically outstanding persons and professionals from different fields with the AI which is a broad area.

Learning Experience

The participants are in the immersive learning experiences, working closely with AI experts and researchers, exploring the possibilities of the technology and promoting new ideas.

Launchpad for Contribution

Besides education, education is a gateway, where the individual becomes a positive contributor to AI development rather than a ‘follower’. The program also serves as a specialist’s pathway into the field.

Benefits and Support

OpenAI has a range of employees benefits, such as the pay of $210,000 dollars every year, help offered to employees with immigration and hiring, insurances included, wellness and mental health benefits, parents leave days, and a stipend for learning and development.

Overview of OpenAI

OpenAI is an international organization with the best experience in AI and machine learning research; it is dedicated to openness, collaboration, safety, and the responsible development.

Research and Innovation

The organization tends to publish its research studies, spread AI know-how to the masses by way of training, and connects with business partners and research solutions providers to propagate innovation.

Vision for AGI

OpenAI’s view of AI which specifically places stress on sustainability, technical leadership and cooperation, is geared towards solving the growing problems on a global scale and that everyone is partaking in the gains, while only a few use it to achieve the ignoble objectives.

Requirements for Residency Program

In addition to these requirements, students must be available full-time for the entire duration of the program, specialize in fields other than deep learning, show outstanding academic and research skills, and aim to work in research-based positions in AI full-time after the program.


By participating in the OpenAI Residency Program, the AI enthusiasts from any domain may moonwalk into the AI landscape and make a significant contribution as the program made a great commitment to cover them as much as possible on their way towards success.

Method of Application

Visit The Official Website to Apply

For More Information,

Visit the Official Website

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