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“Our Future President”- Sammy Gyamfi Hailed

Photos of Sammy Gyamfi receiving a hero’s or king’s welcome in the United States have catapulted the National Democratic Congress’ national communications director to the forefront of the Internet. Sammy Gyamfi was welcomed by the Ghanaians Muslim community in Bronx, New York, when he opted to celebrate Eid with them.

Sammy Gyamfi has been one of the most essential and integral members of the NDC party through his efforts to communicate with the public and win over souls. Sammy Gyamfi’s legacy in the party has earned him the label “Prince of NDC,” as many party followers believe he would one day ascend the party’s leadership ladder and dominate the country.

Photos of him being greeted like a hero have inspired several responses on the internet, with some referring to him as the future of Ghana. In the photographs, he is surrounded by women who are attempting to cheer him up with their mere presence.

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