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Pastor Caught On Camera Bathing A Female Member(See Photos)

The scriptures of the Lord instruct us that in the latter times false prophets would emerge and perform tremendous marvels to fool.

The head pastor of the Secret Church of Life in Quesimingzin, located in the west, was photographed applying anointing oil to the body of a female member.
During the release, the video shows the priest known as “Slim Dee” putting oil on the woman’s stomach and chest. According to the victim, the alleged godman or priest declared that this was a divine command.
The woman related her experience as follows:

When he went to his friend’s church to pray, the self-proclaimed pastor informed him that he had a vision for him.

He went on to add that the priest informed him that demonic spirits were preventing him from getting married. To exorcise the evil spirit, he was required to disrobe and enable the priest to anoint his body with oil.
The anxious woman complied with the priest’s request. After applying the anointing oil on his body, the priest began to pet him.
As part of a miracle to ward off evil spirits, the priestess allegedly slept on the victim after applying oil to her body and fondling her.

Source: BestShowbiz

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