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‘Please Don’t Quit Acting’ — Wayoosi to Agya Koo [Details]

Joseph Osei, popularly known as Wayoosi, has described the repercussions of veteran actor Kofi Adu, commonly known as Agya Koo, deciding to retire from acting.

The actor laments that Agya Koo’s absence from the film industry due to alleged sabotage by some industry players has ultimately hindered the development of his profession.

In an interview with AMBASSADOR TV, monitored by KasapaNews, he lamented that he has been denied opportunities because people believe he is only competent when coupled with his godfather, Agya Koo.

“Agya Koo Because the majority of Ghanaians know I move with Agya Koo, my absence from the industry has a tremendous impact on me.

“Producers who were eager to use me in their films opted for other actors because they believe I’m only good when paired with Agya Koo,” he grumbled.

Wayoosi begged with Agya Koo not to take a permanent retirement from acting because, if he does, he will ruin his and others’ careers.

“Agya Koo will never announce his retirement from acting. He should dare to reveal this information, since the day he does, I will certainly deal with him.

“Agya Koo can only retire from performing when he dies, but because he is still alive and able to act, I will sue him if he decides to do so,” he said.

Wayoosi believes Agya Koo’s return will revitalize the local film industry.

“With effort, solidarity, and commitment, I believe Agya Koo’s return will assist in reviving the waning Kumawood Film Industry.

“The industry has not collapsed as many believe, but our executives were unprepared for the new trend of using social media and other methods to market movies,” he continued.

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