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Please Vote for Me in 2024 — Kofi Akpaloo to Ghanaians

Percival Kofi Akpaloo, the presidential candidate for the Liberty Party of Ghana (LPG), has stated that voting for LPG is the most certain method to break the duopoly of the New Patriotic Party and the National Democratic Congress.

He emphasized that Ghanaians must have faith in the LPG to guarantee that they break the NPP and NDC duopoly in order to end the poor governance that has plagued Ghana for decades.

“I’m praying with Ghanaians to give us power in 2024 so that we can break the duopoly of NPP and NDC so that LPG can provide a better life for Ghanaians,” he remarked.

According to him, Ghana’s multiparty democracy could be destroyed if it continues to rely on the two major political parties for election support.

He was concerned about the continued dominance of the NPP and the NDC, which, according to Kofi Akpaloo, gave the appearance that Ghana practiced a two-party system.

Kofi Akpaloo claimed that minority parties, such as LPG, played crucial roles in bolstering the country’s democracy, and he urged the minority parties to work more closely together to break the cycle of the two major political parties.

In addition, he emphasized the need for minority parties to become financially self-sufficient by pursuing novel methods of fund-raising to finance their activities.

As with most minority parties, the LPG’s position as a formidable political party cannot be ignored despite the numerous obstacles it encounters. Kofi Akpaloo told Accra-based Kingdom FM that the country’s political environment is increasingly getting polarized and appears to be transforming into a two-party state, which is damaging to our recognised multiparty democracy.

He continued, “The time has come for all Ghanaians who support the Kofi Akpaloo concept to unite and form a strong force to oust the ruling NPP from office.”

Kofi Akpaloo stated that the continued dominance of the two major political parties posed a threat to the future of smaller political parties and the multi-party system as a whole.

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