Prof Gyampo Reveals Strong Secrets About NPP Concerning “ Stealing From The Country”


A lecturer from the University of Ghana’s Department of Political Science has courageously divulged sensitive information regarding the ruling New Patriotic Party and “stealing from the country.” Prof. Gyampo claimed in an interview with Joy Fm today that, when in opposition, the NPP often stated that they would not steal from the country if they were elected to power, but this was not the case after they were in power.

Prof. Gyampo indicated that the predicament he describes applies to both the Kuffour and Akufo-Addo administrations. He stated that when these politicians are elected to power, regardless of how wealthy they are, they still want to enjoy the state’s funds.
“When the NPP was in opposition in 2000 and afterward, they often stated that they are wealthy and so would not steal the country’s money.

However, when they came to power, they rented their own apartments and grabbed the state’s. When they arrived at parking, they parked their own vehicles.

Therefore, it is difficult for modern politicians to assert, “I’m already wealthy, so I don’t need this money.” Those who are extremely wealthy continue to seek authority in order to steal from the national treasury with both hands and occasionally with their mouths as well. Prof. Gyampo revealed this with audacity.

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