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Prove It In Court – Popular Musician Amandzeba to Agradaa.

Popular Ghanaian musician Amandzeba has intimidated Nana Agradaa with an impending lawsuit. Amandzeba argues that it is time for Nana Agradaa to be hauled into court to establish all of her charges against gospel musician Joyce Blessing.

Show host Shatta Michy suggested, “I believe she should be forced to retract and barred by the courts from uttering Joyce Blessing’s name.”
“No, Agradaa, you will not recant. Joyce must allow you to demonstrate in court that her children do not belong to her husband. Yes, she must be sued for defamation to dissuade others. She must be sued for several million dollars. It could alter her fate “Amandzeba expressed herself on Shatta Michy’s MOVEMENT SHOW BIZ.

Amandzeba responded to the various videos that Nana Agradaa had produced against Joyce Blessing. Agradaa has repeatedly asserted that Joyce Blessing’s children do not belong to her husband.

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