Ramon Najera GoFundMe: Fundraiser launched as elderly man mauled to death in San Antonio dog attack identified by officials


Ramon Najera, 81, was killed in the wake of being gone after by two Staffordshire terrier canines on Friday, February 24. Both Najera, a U.S. Flying corps veteran, and his better half, Janie, 74, were gone after by the canines.

The canines went after others too, including a fire commander who answered the scene. The canines’ proprietor has been recognized as Christian Moreno. Specialists have captured Moreno, who asserted that the canines were locked when the assault occurred.

A GoFundMe crusade has been sent off to raise assets to meet the clinical costs of Janie and the memorial service costs of the US Flying corps veteran. The post has depicted Ramon Najera as a “cherishing family man.”

The GoFundMe lobby sent off to raise assets to meet the memorial service expenses of Ramon Najera and his better half’s clinical costs has raised more than $17,500, more than the $10,000 objective. North of 300 individuals have given. The mission incorporated a few insights concerning the veteran,

“This lethal assault took our granddad’s life and left our grandma in grave condition… He was as of late placed on dialysis not entirely settled to appreciate life to the fullest regardless of his medical issue.”
The post has portrayed Ramon Najera as an “audacious, active, and adoring family man.”

Janie Najera’s child, Carlos Gomez, composed on Facebook that his stepfather, Ramon Najera, “was attempting to save my mother from being gone after.”

The unfortunate episode occurred on the 2800 block of Depla Road in San Antonio, where Ramon Najera and his significant other, Janie, went to visit a companion. Notwithstanding, the ruthless assault by the canines left Ramon dead and seriously harmed his better half. As per a capture testimony, Janie had a go at aiding her better half when she saw him being gone after by the pit bulls however got injured.

Specialists have taken the canine proprietor, Christian Moreno, 31, into authority. He is presently at the Bexar Region Grown-up Confinement Place, according to reports.

Witnesses called 911, while an observer attempted to shoo the canines off utilizing a rake. The canines, in any case, went after the observer as well. A video has been caught that showed the canines “surrounding” Ramon Najera, who was lying on the ground by then, at that point.

The answering officials needed to utilize pickaxes to ward off the pit bulls. Simultaneously, a responder got nibbled in the leg. Chief Hood expressed,

Aside from the older couple, an EMS skipper additionally supported extreme wounds in the assault while attempting to help Ramon Najera. Hood proceeded,

Creature Control Administrations showed up at the scene and arrested the canines. It was uncovered that SAPD had recently answered an episode in November. The authorities then let the proprietors know that the canines should have been kept inside.

Christian has been accused of two crime accusations of Assault by Perilous Canine Making Passing and Injury an Old [Individual]. Similar has been affirmed by SAPD.

As indicated by Moreno’s significant other, Abilene, the canines were bridled behind the entryway; notwithstanding, they purportedly thumped down the wall and got away. She said,

31-year-old Christian Alexander Moreno the owner of the Pitbull’s that was arrested after his dogs killed a man and injured 3 people. All three pits were euthanized last night. pic.twitter.com/2ToUzku5aR

— PPV-TAHOE – News Journalist (@ppv_tahoe) February 26, 2023

It was uncovered that the two canines have a forceful history. Creature Care Administrations has affirmed equivalent to well. The pit bulls were associated with two “chomp cases” in the area, and one of them happened as of late. Following the subsequent assault, the canines were fixed and neutered by ACS authorities.

Abilene Moreno went on by saying that they would have rather not held the pets because of their forceful way of behaving yet surrendered to their youngsters’ longing to keep them. As indicated by San Antonio Fire Boss Charles Hood,

A few ongoing instances of canine assaults have surfaced. Simply a month back, a 7-year-old young lady died after she was gone after by a pit bull in her yard in Louisiana. In a different episode, a 11-year-old kid experienced serious wounds in the wake of being destroyed by three pit bulls in Georgia.

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