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‘Shatta Wale can’t stop me from marrying Kofi Adjorlolo, he doesn’t take care of me’.

Shatta Wale’s mother, ELSIE AVEMEGAH, has stated that her son has no right to prevent her from marrying actor Kofi Adjorlolo.

According to her, who she chooses to marry is none of Shatta’s concern.

Several reports have suggested that Shatta Wale’s mother is set to wed Kofi Adjorlolo, prompting concerns that Shatta Wale will not permit his mother to marry a member of the entertainment industry.

The woman known as Shatta Mama has been a topic of conversation all week due to rumors of her alleged upcoming marriage.

Kofi Adjorlolo refused to speak with DAILY GUIDE on the supposed marriage when reached by this publication; nevertheless, Shatta Mama has allegedly confirmed their relationship on multiple platforms.

Shatta Mama stated through her publicists, Reagan Mends, “Wale will not be a problem because he cannot do anything.”

People have been asking whether Shatta Wale would allow his mother to marry Kofi Adjorlolo ever since the news went viral. Reagan stated, “Well, I spoke with her (Shatta Mama) this morning, and she assured me that no one can prevent her from marrying whoever she chooses.”

“She questioned why Shatta Wale would decide who she would marry. “He can’t prevent her from marrying Adjorlolo since he doesn’t care for her; he doesn’t even know where she lives, so why would he even interfere in her affairs?” he said.

Adjorlolo and Shatta Mama have become a topic of conversation, and everyone is keeping their fingers crossed for their wedding.

Adjorlolo has two children with his 2011-deceased wife, Charity Nyarko. In contrast, Shatta Mama has three children.

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