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Suame Magazine artisans apologise for pelting Kyei-Mensah Bonsu with sachet water

The leaders of the auto parts enclave have also distanced themselves from the event in which an elected official was jeered and pelted with various objects.

Anthony Oppong, the Ashanti Regional President of the Ghana Union of Traders, stated on Eyewitness News, “There is a rumor going around town that we, the leaders of Suame Magazine, were behind the attack on the honorable MP, but we say that we are not behind the attack and that there was neither a meeting nor a plot to do something of the sort.”
Following the apologies, Mr. Oppong stated that his peers intend to apologize in person to the MP.

“We’ve reached out to the MCE of Suame to set up a meeting where we’ll get the chance to apologize to him in person.”

Mr. Oppong argues that the day’s uncertainty was a “communication issue” on the unfinished road that provoked the protest.

He had already met with the regional highway director and was aware of the resource limitations that had caused the project’s delay.

“He gave me his entire promise that the road would be repaired on Monday, the date of the event, because a scarcity of bitumen was delaying the work.”

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