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Swalha: R.I.P; She was shot by her husband 7 times for not picking up his calls (Photos)

Swalha, a popular woman in Tanzania who was a cosmetics artist, was murdered by her husband for not answering his calls after seven attempts. The event occurred at the couple’s residence following her return.

Her envious spouse questioned why she was ignoring her calls. The furious husband shot his wife seven times out of insecurity and jealousy before committing suicide himself. According to reports from close acquaintances, Swalha’s husband, Said, made the decision out of purported love jealousy.

He stated that Swalha went to work and returned home late. Her husband was dissatisfied with his wife’s tardiness in arriving home, therefore an altercation ensued, which resulted in Swalha’s husband shooting her seven times before committing himself.
Men who are insecure and irrationally jealous should avoid marriage and cease murdering women. This is strange.

You are murdering your wife because she arrived home late and did not answer your phone. Please inscribe “Rest in Peace” for this lovely lady.


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