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Take A Look At The Simplest Wedding Held In Ghana.

Some individuals have difficulty tailoring their coats to their size. Why don’t you do your own thing to offer you the peace of mind you deserve if everyone else is demonstrating or basing their worth on their size? The Church of Pentecost hosted a wedding ceremony that was both simple and magnificent, which had everyone talking. At the wedding, these events were upsetting to both guests and social media users.

No makeup, no best man, no maid of honor, no special wedding attire, no special chairs, balloons, or pricey decorations, no feeding of the masses, etc. Even though the couple is financially well, they did not waste a great deal of money on the two-hour seminar. Weddings should not be expensive; instead, we should concentrate on establishing a long-lasting and fulfilling union.

Individuals organize weddings and spend years paying wedding-related expenses. God bless this couple, the pastor, and the congregation. A note to the astute Minister Seth Wettey.

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