Taylor Frankie Paul arrest video surfaces as drunk TikTok star’s antics go viral


TikToker Taylor Frankie Paul’s capture video surfaced via online entertainment, where the infamous Mormon pleasure seeker was seen crying. She is presently having to deal with a few criminal penalties, including kid misuse and aggressive behavior at home, following a supposed a showdown with her sweetheart, Dakota Mortensen, that likewise occurred in February.

Utah police detailed that Taylor’s little girl and Dakota were harmed during a showdown with her beau. According to records delivered by Salt Lake Region’s Lead prosecutor, Taylor was accused of two includes of crime abusive behavior at home within the sight of a kid bringing about injury, one count of lawful offense disturbed attack, one count of misdeed criminal wickedness, and one count of misdeed kid misuse.

The morning after the occurrence, Taylor was let out of prison on a pre-preliminary regulated discharge. She is booked to show up in court on April 14 for her next hearing.

The New York Post had the option to get 10-minute police bodycam film of Taylor Frankie Paul’s capture on Friday, where the force to be reckoned with was displayed in a madly close to home and pounded state. Taylor, 28, asserted that Dakota tossed her out of her Utah home and left her in the carport. At the point when gotten some information about Dakota’s thinking, he answered:

He said he was somewhat frightened for his life. Taylor likewise professed to be terrified of Dakota and said she peed in her jeans out of dread.

“I pushed him. I hit him. He drove me into the children’s stuff, and afterward I flipped out in light of the fact that he pushed me so hard. And afterward I retaliated.”

According to Taylor’s assertion, the battle among her and her beau followed when he would not take her to a show after she got back home totally inebriated. She let the police know that she was genuinely harming and that she needed Dakota out. Taylor Frankie Paul likewise owned up to the police that she tossed metal seats and a wooden play set at her beau.

One of the metal seats that hit Taylor’s girl, Indy, left her with a big head. Dakota told police in the video that the kid was his “biggest concern” and that he felt frustrated about her.

In spite of the fact that Taylor helped out the police as they put her in cuffs and drove her to a police cruiser, she more than once asked why she was being captured.

At the hour of the capture, Taylor Frankie Paul and Dakota Mortensen had been dating for around a half year. A composed statement from an official at the Herriman Police Division was remembered for the court reports. The official who answered the episode expressed that when he showed up at the scene, Dakota Mortensen revealed that he contended with Taylor Frankie Paul, during which he endeavored to leave the home, yet his better half started hitting him.

The official further portrayed a video of the episode where Taylor Frankie Paul was seen placing Dakota in a strangle hold and kicking him, striking him on numerous occasions. She additionally utilized metal bar stools to hit her sweetheart. The mother’s five-year-old girl, Indy Paul, was lying near a sofa when one of the stools inadvertently crossed and struck her.

Dakota Mortensen (@dakota_mortensen)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

The official additionally noticed Dakota’s assertion, where he expressed that before Indy was hit, he requested that his sweetheart quit tossing objects since the youngster was right close to him on the love seat. The answering official noticed expanding and redness around Dakota’s eyes, alongside a cut on his neck, scratches on his fingers, and enlarging on his elbow.

The Herriman official added to his announcement that Taylor’s two-year-old child, Sea Paul, was additionally inside the house at the hour of the showdown. Nonetheless, days after Taylor’s capture, Dakota guarded her and let the Everyday Mail know that they didn’t contend and that Taylor never purposefully hurt anybody.

Prior in August 2022, Taylor Frankie Paul shared that she was battling with outrageous weight reduction and gloom following her separation from her previous spouse, Tate Paul.

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