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Teacher Who Got Impregnated By A Student Says She Is Keeping The Baby

After a drunken one-night fling with a former student, a history teacher-turned-Only Fans star confessed she is pregnant with his child. Amy Kupps, who has previously made news for claiming to be a “proud mistress” and a “homewrecker,” announced on Tuesday that she is expecting a baby in the fall.

The woman, named as Amy Kupps, disclosed her unexpected pregnancy and stated that the baby is due by the end of the year. Kupps reports that she was out with friends at a nightclub late last year when she observed a younger man staring at her, but she was unaware that he was one of her former students. When the man referred to her as “Miss Kupps” the following morning, she recognized who he was. In 2016, she had taught him when he was 16 years old. Amy meant to sever connections with him, but her plans changed when she became pregnant.

Now, Amy intends to raise the child. She stated, “We’ve both been satisfied to go our separate ways.” I am financially secure and I do not wish to be in a relationship with him. Amy is currently six months pregnant and continues to make money on Only Fans, stating that her fans are unaware that she is expecting. Amy stated that she will care for the infant on her own.

She explained, “We’ve both been willing to go our separate ways.” “I am financially secure and I do not wish to be in a relationship with him.

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