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The African who contributed to the invention of Fibre Optics and Nanotechnology(Find Out). 

This information is new to the majority of Ghanaians, and it is possible that the majority of Ghanaians had never heard of his name since Adam. Today, we raise a toast to one of the most influential Ghanaians in the history of science and technology.
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Professor Thomas O. Mensah, who was born in Kumasi, Ashanti Region in I950, is a graduate of the Great Adisadel College. Mr. J.K. Mensah, a trader who acted as an intermediary for the shipment of cocoa products to French manufacturers, was his father. Mr. Thomas Mensah is a person of African descent (who has his family leg in Ghana). He is a chemical engineer by trade and a major contributor to the advancement of fiber optics and nanotechnology.
He attended Adisadel College before enrolling in the Chemical Engineering department at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. After completing a good study at KNUST, he was awarded a French scholarship that allowed him to attend the University of Montpelier. In 1977, MIT honored him for his outstanding contribution to the modeling and simulation of chemical processes; he later received his PhD from Montpelier University.

His colossal contribution to the development of Optic Fibre and Nanotechnology was his “premus” and most renowned accomplishment. He has received various engineering-related honors. He received the Percy Julian Award, the Golden Torch Award, the NSBE’s highest honor, the William Grimes Award, and the Eminent Engineers award from AIChE.
He also got the title for finest Chemical Engineer in the history of KNUST. His works include “The Right Stuffs Comes in Black Too” and “Nanotechnology Commercialization.”

Let us together show one of Africa’s technological titans awe-inspiring respect. For all Africans, greatness awaits those who accept the hardships of the present; it is up to us to embrace the struggles for a brighter future.

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