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The Ghanaian economy is being controlled by foreigners – KSM Reveals

The renowned Ghanaian actor and humorist Kwaku Sintim-Misa, commonly known as KSM, has stated that outsiders rule our economy. We ourselves have no control over the economy. This is why we are attempting to reverse the current economic downturn. He remarked “I’m even more dismayed by the idea that even in the days of Kutu there was something called Ghana, which should govern our economy. Ghanaians do not possess the power to direct the economy. And this is one of the reasons why the media is suffering so much: the economic control situation is deteriorating “. The Ghanaian cedi has struggled to maintain parity with other currencies. Its depreciation exhibits no signs of abating.

The depreciation of the cedi reminds me of this famous remark made by the vice president when they were in opposition. When fundamentals are weak, the exchange rate will reveal you, he added. He further stated, “We have apprehended the escaping cedi and transferred the keys to the IGP for safekeeping.” What do we currently see? Time alone will tell.

This morning, KSM expressed his opinions during an interview on the GTV breakfast show.


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