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The Only Country in the World without a church [Find Out]

Given the popularity of Christianity and the large number of its adherents. With over 190 countries on the planet, could there currently be any country without a single church? There is, indeed. As one of the world’s largest religions, with Christians from all over the world, I never considered whether there could be a place on Earth where there is no church since it just doesn’t feel right.

In this essay, I will tell you about this country and what they do for worship, as well as who they worship in general. The truth is that we have a country in Western Asia where there is not a single church. Are there Christians in the country?

Yes, it is the correct response. Christians are permitted to enter the country, but only to work and engage in no extracurricular activities like as religious practice. Could there be a country with over 190 countries that does not have a single church? Yes, there is, and the country in question is Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is the largest state in Western Asia and the second largest among Arab countries after Algeria, with a land area of around two million one hundred fifty thousand kilometers per square. As an Islamic country, the country believes in Prophet Mohammed, much as Christians believe in Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

They have Mecca as their center of worship, and Muslims from all over the world travel there once a year to worship during Hajj. The Islamic calendar, which is based on the lunar year, determines the date of Hajj. Every year, the Hajj festivities endure 10 days, beginning on the 1st and finishing on the 10th or 12th and last month of the Islamic calendar. Mecca is the holiest place in the country because it is the birthplace of the Prophet Mohammed as well as the Islamic faith. To be clear, it is not that there are no Christians in the country. There are Christians in the country, with over one million Roman Catholic members, who do not discriminate. This indicates that Christians are accepted, but only for work purposes, not for faith. This means that Christians in the country are only permitted to worship their God in the privacy of their own houses. When the British rejected the mega-mosque in London, British Muslims were enraged. The mega-mosque is expected to dwarf many of the Christian cathedrals in the United Kingdom.

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