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They Take Peanut From Government And Talk Crap- Sam George Slams Kwame Sefa Kai

Kwame Sefa Kai, who has been ridiculed and labeled as a member of the new patriotic party and as having sold his patriotism to the party for several years, has been the target of an indirect yet clear attack. Sam George does not appreciate Kwame Sefa Kai’s remark about the state of the economy.

People have attacked him in response to past remarks on anti-government protests, the health of the economy, and the government’s decision. They have revealed information that, according to them, indicates his genuine identity and the fact that Nana Addo and his ministers are using him as a puppet.

All signs pointed in this direction for Kwame Sefa Kai before to the surprise message from Sam George, which is thought to have been addressed at the man whose words have been ridiculed for the past several hours. Sam George made the following observation:

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