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This is Why Bawumia Cannot Win Power For The NPP In 2024- Kennedy Agyapong Reveals(watch full video)

Hon. Kennedy Agyapong, a candidate for the position of NPP flag bearer, has clearly explained why the Vice President, Dr. Bawumia, cannot lead the NPP to victory in the 2024 elections if he is elected flag bearer. He declared on the radio that he is the best candidate for the party’s presidential nomination and will defeat his rivals and the NDC in the 2024 elections.

Kennedy Agyapong bluntly stated in a radio interview that the NPP cannot take the risk of nominating Bawumia as its presidential candidate because his prospects of winning the 2024 elections are minimal. He claimed that Bawumia’s chances of winning the 2024 elections for the NPP are extremely low due to a global trend.

If I am elected president in 2024, I will easily defeat John Mahama. For Dr. Bawumia, I will also defeat him. He has performed admirably, but any Vice President who has served for eight years and aspires to become President is unsuccessful. Only three percent of gamblers are successful, so why would the NPP take such a risk? Even if he wins, Bawumia cannot win the 2024 elections, which is why I stepped in. I chose to run because the party needs someone like me to win the general election in 2024.” Kennedy Agyapong revealed this with audacity.

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