“This was unfortunately misinformation”: Matanzas teacher’s aide Joan Naydich denies taking Nintendo switch from student who attacked her


On Tuesday, February 21, Matanzas guest instructor Joan Naydich was supposedly attacked by a Brendan Depa, one of her 17-year-old understudies.

The attack supposedly happened after Naydich seized the understudy’s Nintendo Switch. Nonetheless, the guest instructor has denied any such cases.

On her GoFundMe page, she explained that this was false through a proclamation she delivered by means of the pledge drive’s coordinator, Jessica White Leon:

“I simply need to put any misinformation to rest. I never took the Nintendo Change from him. From anybody that is perused or heard in an unexpected way, I’ve been informed this was sadly deception.”
Leon affirmed on the page that Joan Naydich is presently recuperating from her wounds. As of Walk 1, the drive has raised more than $77,000 of its $80,000 objective.

-According to Palm Coast specialists, the reports encompassing the alleged seizure of the Nintendo Switch were at first spread by the suspect, Brendan Depa. The 6-foot-6 high schooler purportedly let examiners know that he attacked her after the guest instructor took the handheld gaming gadget from him.

As indicated by News.AU, Brendan Depa will be attempted as a grown-up for bothered battery on an educational committee worker.

On the web-based pledge drive, coordinator Jessica White Leon said that Naydich is a mother of two and is maintaining two sources of income to help her loved ones.

“Her child is a senior and her girl moved on from Matanzas HS in 2013. She’s been maintaining two sources of income to really focus on her loved ones. Her heart is immense in all she accomplishes for other people!”
She added:

“Joan is modest, never requests help and needs our adoration/support during this troublesome time. I’ve requested that she permit us to do this so she can rest, mend and invest energy with her children without agonizing over monetary worries at the present time.”

Naydich added that she is thankful for the gifts and that she trusts mindfulness about her circumstance will forestall further attacks against instructing staff.

JUST IN: 6’6” 270 pound black male student attacks a white teacher at Matanzas High School for taking away his Nintendo Switch during class…

Video reveals the unconscious woman being brutally assaulted and struck in the head roughly 15 times. pic.twitter.com/pZAJzhaykv

— Chuck Callesto (@ChuckCallesto) February 24, 2023

“Your commitments are reducing that weight and I’m really thankful! I’m confident that the consciousness of this episode being spread all over will forestall any other person from truly managing the injury, actual mending and disturbance of regular day to day existence that this has caused.”
It proceeded:

” Realizing that so many care is contacting. This surely wasn’t the manner by which I saw my child’s senior year showing up for our loved ones.”

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