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Tyrone Marhguy’s father accuses son of attacking him, sustains bloody bruises.

Tereo Marghuy, the father of Tyrone Marghuy, one of the lads at the center of last year’s Achimota School-Rastafarian boys’ saga, claims his son attacked him viciously.
In a video shared on social media, the father is seen with bloody bruises on his hand, alleging that his son beat him following a fight.

Tereo Marhguy told Citi News about the event. “He was meant to fix a tablet for his sister an hour ago, but he was still watching television. I entered the room and questioned Tyrone about the situation. He exploded and began criticizing his sister before unplugging the laptop. He stepped up to me, and I threatened to smack him. He then grabbed my hand, and we began to struggle.”
Tyrone Marhguy was in the news after he and another Rastafarian child were denied admission to Achimota School for failing to trim their dreadlocks.

Monday, May 31, 2021, a High Court in Accra ordered the institution to enroll the kids.

The presiding judge, Justice Gifty Adjei Addo, disagreed with the arguments of the Attorney General and granted all of the reliefs independently sought by the aggrieved students, save for the relief of compensation in the instance of Tyrone Marhguy.
According to Justice Addo, it is absurd for the Attorney General to have even claimed that the two individuals were not students.

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