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UK Police Officer “Exposes” Bawumia In A New Video

In a new video that Kwame A Plus has just shared on social media, a British police officer is heard elaborating on some of Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia’s recent remarks regarding Ghana’s digitization level. In a recent address, the vice president made it clear that Ghana has modernized its motor insurance data. Just by dialing a code into their cell phones, drivers and other individuals can now verify the validity of their auto insurance.

A Lamborghini driver was recently stopped by a police officer in the United Kingdom, according to the vice president. The officer was unable to determine whether the car was insured. According to him, the police had to tow the vehicle as a result. Bawumia added that this news has been all over the internet recently. Bawumia also stated that Ghana is ahead of the United Kingdom in terms of this technology.

Kwame A Plus also shared a new video on the internet, which depicts how a police officer in the United Kingdom responded to Dr. Bawumia’s allegations. He disclosed that every police vehicle in the United Kingdom is equipped to easily detect uninsured vehicles. He further explained that this technology has existed for a very long time.

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