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Unilateral action ‘will not work’- US politicians to UK Government

Dan Kildee, a Democrat, asked Foreign Secretary Liz Truss to engage in direct negotiations with Brussels.

Monday in Dublin, the party met with the Irish prime minister, Micheál Martin, and will later travel to Northern Ireland.

However, the DUP stated that their interpretation of the protocol was “unbalanced.”

Monday, Mr. Martin stated that there is “extensive support” for a “joint, realistic solution” to the protocol’s issues.

He was speaking with the Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, who stated that the EU has demonstrated “maximum flexibility” in negotiations.
A nine-member delegation led by Congressman Richard Neal is in London to negotiate post-Brexit trade arrangements.

Mr. Kildee, who spoke with Ms. Truss over the weekend, stated that there are no indications that the British government will “alter direction.”

Mr. Kildee stated on RTE Morning Ireland, “It is crucial, and we underline this, that the (UK Government) negotiates and does not take unilateral action.”

“Face-to-face dialogue is the only way to reach a deal and safeguard the great progress reflected by the Good Friday Agreement.

“We believe that unilateral solutions will not work, but that some of these technical issues can be resolved through face-to-face dialogue.”

Mr. Neal stated in Kerry on Sunday that the United States would “unwaveringly support the Good Friday Agreement.”
However, according to the DUP, the protocol will ruin the agreement.

Mr. Lyons, minister of the economy, said it would be “not an easy challenge” to explain this position to the US delegation.

On Monday, however, Mr. Lyons stated on BBC News NI’s Good Morning Ulster that his party would make it abundantly plain to the US team that “far than defending the Good Friday Agreement and its successor agreements, the protocol really harms them.”

Mr. Lyons stated, “It is not going to be an easy process.”

“I had already spoken with Congressman Neal in Washington, where I told him and [House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi of the etiquette concerns.

“It’s safe to say they weren’t interested, and we’ll face a unique obstacle with Congressman Neal.”

Mr. Lyons asserted that Mr. Neal supported Irish unity and collaborated extensively with Friends of Sinn Féin.

Again, we’re dealing with more one-sided American politicians, which adds to the difficulties, he continued.

Mr. Lyons stated that his party desired movement on the protocol, while also accusing the EU of being “painfully slow” in recognizing difficulties pertaining to the post-Brexit trading system.
The protocol is a specific agreement that prevents a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland by keeping Northern Ireland connected with the EU single market for goods.

The agreement assured the continuation of unrestricted trade across the Irish land border, a contentious topic given the history of conflict in Northern Ireland.

Since its implementation in 2021, however, it has been criticized by unionist MPs for imposing new inspections on goods transiting between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

They claim that it has weakened Northern Ireland’s position in the United Kingdom and increased consumer prices.

Congressional delegation

Monday in Dublin, Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald met with Mr. Neal.

After the meeting, Ms. McDonald sent out a tweet: “The United States is committed to defending the Good Friday Agreement and its accompanying protocol. The formation of the executive is essential. No delay.”
Mr. Neal hailed the United States as a “guarantor of the Good Friday Agreement” during a visit to County Kerry in the Republic of Ireland on Sunday.

He stated, “The Good Friday Agreement has worked, and worked rather effectively.”

Source: BBC

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