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University lady confesses infecting over 20 guys with HIV.

A attractive and wealthy university student (name of student and university in question unclear) has admitted to infecting approximately 20 male students with HIV.

The woman made the surprising statement anonymously in an online chat that has now gone viral.

The Lady began her account of her interactions with the men on school and how she managed to infect them with the deadly virus by questioning why some of the men on college had no fear of anything and instead pursue any woman wearing a skirt.

According to the HIV-positive student, men on campus have been using and discarding her as if they had gotten off scot-free, unaware of the reality behind the show.

She described in the discussion how she infects the men (20 men so far) with the fatal and feared sexually transmitted disease. According to her, she ensures that she has a cut in her mouth or in her “honey pot” when having sex with men.

Since she has a cut in her mouth, kissing her deeply makes it easier for the virus to infect men, and having unprotected s3x with her is the quickest way for her to transmit the sickness.

Unbelievably, the woman disclosed that she has only a few days to live and has therefore stopped taking her HIV medicine. Knowing she has a high probability of dying soon, she readily offers her body to each man who requests it or attempts to get into her pants.

Source: Ghpage

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