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2024 University Of California African Legal Impact Scholarship for Africans

The African Legal Impact Scholarship, given by the University of California, Berkeley, is designed to help outstanding African students to get advanced legal education at the famous college. With less input budget, have two extraordinary candidates though the program gives the chances annually.

The University of California, Berkeley, known for its academic achievements as well as its dedication to the principles of global integration and diversity, is pleased to provide the African Legal Impact scholarship. This initiative offers the dreamers from Africa the opportunity to study law at the best possible institution in the world.

Limited Availability, Significant Impact

This year the program will award only two scholarships the tradition of each scholarship highly competitive nature. Nevertheless, it is striking how many officers return with their legal capacity advanced through their stay at UC Berkeley and alleviate the challenges faced by their countries’ justice systems.

UC System: An Academic Elite

The University of California System, founded in 1868, is renowned for its academic quality and innovative research that is exemplary. Apart from its main campus in Berkeley, the UC administration has nine other locations such as Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, Riverside and Santa Barbara as well as at Merced and Santa Cruz. The UC system provides several educational options and is working to make its programs more inclusive.

Benefits and Requirements

The African Legal Impact Scholarship is a program that gives a full-tuition waiver, with the beneficiaries having a $1,000 seat deposit and living expenses. Applicants will however supply evidence on African citizenship or primary residence, academic excellence and also articulate their vision of implementation in life related to their studies. M. plans in Africa. Application Due dates are set dates if you are joining at certain start dates.

Application Process

Admitted students who are eligible to LL are given the approval to join the program. The prospective students of M. professional track are eligible for the required scholarship provided that they follow the application guidelines given by the university management. The student award holder must maintain an average grade of at least B- in order to be entitled to continue the scholarship.


  • This is a full-tuition waiver.
  • Recipients will be responsible for paying only the $1,000 seat deposit, plus travel and living expenses.

Requirements For The University Of California African Legal Impact Scholarship

African Legal Impact LL.M Scholarship awards are based on:

  • Citizenship or primary residence in Africa
  • Academic merit
  • A Statement of Intention describing what the scholarship recipient plans on accomplishing in Africa after graduating from the LL.M. professional track
  • Students must be admitted to the LL.M. professional track program before they can apply for this scholarship. Scholarship application instructions will be provided to eligible admitted students.
    • Recipients must maintain a minimum grade standard of ‘P’ (pass) or higher in all classes during the first semester in order to maintain scholarship eligibility during the second semester.

Application Deadlines: 

  • 1st November 2023 for option A (spring start)
  • 18th December 2023 for option B (summer start)

Method of Application

Application Deadline: December 18, 2023

For More Information,

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