Was Audrey Hale wearing different shoes while entering Nashville school than moment they were killed? Vans logo conspiracy explored


Audrey Solidness shot and killed 6 individuals in the Agreement School in Nashville, Tennessee
The web has fostered a distinct fascination with the mass executioner’s shoes
Twitter clients accepted that the Nashville school shooter’s shoes were changed before they were killed

After Nashville’s Pledge School shooter, Audrey Sound shot and killed 6 individuals in Tennessee, the web has fostered a distinct fascination with the mass executioner’s shoes.

As per a continuous scheme on the web, Sound was seen wearing various shoes when they were strolling into the school to go after it contrasted with 14 minutes some other time when they were shot dead by the police on the second floor of the structure.

Among the Twitter clients who accepted that the Nashville school shooter was wearing a specific sets of shoes while strolling around the school grounds, and seemed to change the equivalent not long before they were killed, was @JRobFromMN. The client tweeted pictures of Solidness on the school grounds alongside an obscured picture of Sound being taken shots at by the police.

“Might somebody at any point if it’s not too much trouble, let me know I’m an insane connivance scholar and deal a completely ordinary clarification with regards to why the Nashville shooter had one sets of shoes on when they stroll in and an alternate pair on when they are killed?” the client composed. The case was that Sound was at first wearing Jaguar shoes which were changed to Vans when they were taken shots at.

There’s a conspiracy going around about the shoes of the Nashville shooter changing from Pumas to Vans. I want to address it because I got a lot of messages about it. It’s not true. I’ve debunked it below. You can see the Vans logo on the back of the shoes after she enters the… pic.twitter.com/Yw82V9emFw

— Robby Starbuck (@robbystarbuck) March 29, 2023

Notwithstanding, the equivalent has since been exposed on the web. Twitter client @robbystarbuck affirmed that the photographs where maybe Robust was wearing various shoes at isolated timings, which were turning into a web sensation, were carefully changed. The client expounded that the Vans logo was obviously apparent when Sound entered the school building and furthermore made sense of why netizens believed that Solidness was wearing Jaguar shoes.

“The screen capture being utilized to say they were Jaguar shoes was marginally convincing on first look for a minus any additional examination because of a blend of video pressure relics and moved up camo pants impeding the full Vans line on the shoe. The splendid blazes seen on another screen capture going around are carefully changed,” the client said.

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