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We Won’t Vote For NPP Again-Some Angry Residents In NPP’s Stronghold Cries Out

Residents of one of the NPP government’s strongholds have finally said that they will not vote for the party in the upcoming elections, which has sparked widespread alarm among Ghanaians.

Thousands of Takoradi citizens were left stranded after floodwaters flooded the Takoradi-Agona-Tarkwa Highway as a result of recent rainfall in several parts of the country. Some of the locals who expressed their extreme dissatisfaction pointed out that the Akufo Addo administration failed to construct the road properly, since the gutters and other water passageways were blocked by the walls of surrounding state-owned and private firms, among others.

“We need God. Ghana needs God. We have passed the voting stage; we require God. Other nations have accomplished this feat and survived. A dissatisfied citizen replied forcefully, “We don’t need any votes.” We will never again vote for the NPP.

If this was the purpose of Akufo-visit, Addo’s we would not have voted out the previous government. Please, we need your help; we are suffering”, pleaded a frustrated citizen of one of the NPP’s strongholds who became stranded due to the flood water.

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